Hello world! V4

So here we are again – I can’t count how many weblogs I’ve created since my first one back in 1999. I had a weblog called “I’m *not* the asian nurse!” for quite a while and it had over 500.000 hits in total.

It was about all things I was interested in, mostly pop culture, games, programming, pr0n and nerd stuff. While I’m setting up this wordpress blog (the asian nurse was a self developed php site) I found the old database and realized that I not only enjoyed writing the blog, but it seemed much less controversial to post about topics that today would be considered not political correct. It was mostly silly nonsense though.

Since then the internet has changed dramatically, thousands of similar websites & blogs emerged and went under. I finished studying and work took over the majority of my time. I quit blogging.

But I miss having a website that is a place to store my thoughts and interests, not everything is supposed to become a github readme after all.

So here we are again, let’s see where this goes from here.