codegreen – A climate centric barcode Scanner

codegreen enables consumers to make greener purchase decisions by providing instant and personalized product information.

I founded codegreen as an Open Source project to help fight the climate crisis. It is currently in development as an Android App with a launch date in Q1/Q2 2020. Our goal is to provide consumers with an easy to use and free tool to make more informed purchase decisions. I believe that most people are aware of the climate crisis and very willing to adapt their behavior, but lack the knowledge what to actually do.

codegreen will simplify the complexity of CO2 emissions to produce consumer goods and food by giving instant and transparent feedback on the products right at the supermarket.

I’m doing this without any financial support in my free time. If you like what you read here and want to join the project, I’d be more than happy if you get in touch with me.

The Climate Crisis: People want change

  • Population is very aware of the climate crisis 
  • Government is unable or unwilling to act according to the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Industry isn’t focussed on sustainability
  • Consumers are left alone looking for solutions

codegreen provides instant and detailed product feedback

The Product Database

  • Easy to understand color coded CO2 footprint & environmental information
  • Transparent Scoring Algorithm
  • Product specific information: name, ingredients, images, vendor contact info etc.
  • Recommendations for alternative products
  • Powerful product search


  • Personal triggers to customize to the consumers preferences 
  • Favorites, Blacklists & Whitelists

How it works

We believe codegreen can help fight the climate crisis. This is our single motivation.

codegreen encourages everybody to create innovative products that support our mission to fight climate change. The project is based on the Open Food Facts Database and contributes to it with additional environmental and sustainability information.

Our goal is to additionally create an Open Data CO2 emission API which provides information on the environmental footprint for

  • the production of packaging
  • the production of food ingredients
  • the transport method
  • the door 2 door transport length

codegreen will be…

  • free download
  • no additional costs
  • no in-app purchases / subscription
  • no advertisements / paid content

I will update my blog with codegreen related posts regulary.